Cim Adult Diapers


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Pannolone Expand

Cim Adult Diapers are designed for everyone suffers of moderate and severe incontinence. The product range includes Panty Diapers and Rectangular Diapers. The absorbent pad is made of a soft cellulose fluff mixed up with superabsorbent polymers, which retain liquids. The waterproof external sheet guarantees protection against liquid leaks, the non-woven internal sheet, which is in contact with the body, guarantees comfort when using. The panty diaper format has repositionable tapes.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Rectangular diapers - packed in plastic bags of 30 pieces
  • Medium panty diapers - from 40 to 70 kg, 80-115 cm waistline, in plastic bags of 10 pieces
  • Large panty diapers - over 70 kg, 115-150 cm waistline, in plastic bags of 10 pieces

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