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Emi Pants Expand

Pull-up Emi Pants are designed for everyone has light and moderate incontinence problems, for men and women. Its anatomic shape and the elastic band guarantee maximum protection and comfort. This product combines the safety of a high absorbent sanitary towel with the comfortable wearability of an underwear. Its double-layer topsheet distributes liquids equally over the whole length of the product and keeps the skin perfectly dry, in order to protect it from irritation and reddening. The absorbent core is made of a blend of cellulose fluff and special superabsorbent polymers, “OdorFree” system, which totally holds liquids and eliminates odours.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Medium, with 75-120 cm waistline in plastic bag of 8 pieces
  • Large, with 100-140 cm waistline in plastic bag of 8 pieces

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