Quik Baby Diapers


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The New Quik Diapers have an anatomic central core made of soft ecologically bleached cellulose fluff mixed up with superabsorbent polymers in order to guarantee the absorption of large amount of liquids. The non-woven topsheet and the acquisition layer beneath guarantee soft contact with the skin and fast acquisition, which reduce contact time with urine. Furthermore, the waterproof barriers together with containment elastics avoid any unpleasant leak. The hook & loop fastening tabs and the elastic back ears allow a perfect wearability and freedom of movement. The backsheet is made of white waterproof polythene covered with non-woven textile, which gives the same level of comfort as cotton.

Available in the following sizes:
- Size 3 - from 4 to 9 kg, 20 pieces per bag
- Size 4 - from 7 to 18 kg, 18 pieces per bag 
- Size 5 - from 11 to 25 kg, 16 pieces per bag 
- Size 6 - from 15 to 30 kg, 14 pieces per bag 

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