Emi Lady Mini Plus


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Emi Lady Mini Expand

New EMI LADY The absorbent adult hygiene Emi Lady is designed to guarantee a high absorbency and thus give you maximum safety at all times of your day. The product is equipped with a soft double-layer filter that distributes the liquids evenly over its entire length keeping your skin perfectly dry and protected from possible irritation and redness. The absorbent body is composed of a cellulose fluff mixed with special Superabsorbent components, the "Odor Free" system, which totally retain the liquids and eliminate all unpleasant odors.

Emi Lady is recommended for: • Small incontinence • Postpartum leakage • Very abundant menstrual flow.

  • Emi Lady Mini Plus - folded and wrapped in ready-to-use single bags, packed in plastic bags of 16 pieces.

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