Cotton Wool 

Our cotton wool is suitable for every kind of use, from housework to makeup and medical. Very soft and absorbent, is packed folded in zig-zag layers. It is available in different formats and with or without pre-cut. Cotton is bleached with hydrogen peroxide, without any chlorine. The whole process is compliant with Official Pharmacopeia.  

Cotton Discs

Nilo Cotton Discs for démaquillage are made of 100% cotton wool. The disc is very soft and compact and it is made with perfojet water system, which avoid fibre fraying while using. The disc is double-face: smooth on one side and embossed on the other, which is useful to remove makeup. Cotton discs are available in standard format and maxi format.

Cotton Buds

Our Cotton Buds are useful for daily hygiene of ears, nose, eyes and other delicate parts of the body and even for démaquillage. Cotton Buds are made of flexible and strong paper sticks with 100% cotton buds, particularly soft, steady fixed on both tips. 100% biodegradable. Available in plastic can or plastic box format.

Cotton Balls

Nilo Cotton balls are made of 100% cotton wool. Perfect for démaquillage and baby care, the cotton balls are soft, compact and has four different colours. Nilo Cotton Balls are packed in resealable plastic bags.

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